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Monday, May 17, 2010

Averagitis - aka The disease of settling for "Average"

I decided to post this after one of my random thought tangents...

Yesterday was that Graduation I posted about earlier, and the closing speech sounded a tad bit depressing...to some. Our Stuco President, Perry is quite the speaker. So, automatically he had every one's attention, and now I bet most of them wish they didn't listen.

Perry spoke about how almost everyone sitting in front of him (Graduates of 2010) had dreams of their future, and how only a hand full will actually attain it. He then addressed the crowd- parents who once had like dreams, and settled to live in a small town called Towanda, earning an unimpressive wage at a 5-9 job. That they had accepted it as their dream, compromising with reality and everything that comes with it.

He then went on to define our society's view of "Success" which of course is being wealthy, healthy, and powerful. I wish that I had actually followed through with the thought "Oh! I should ask him for a copy of that speech!" Because at this point is where I would insert a heart wrenching, yet all to true fact of his.

As he continued with his speech, I began to reflect on my business- Ashewelry. I have dreams to be successful at marketing, selling online, quitting my "day job" and owning my own Brick-and-Mortar shop after completing High School and College. (Yes...I'm still in High School)

I worry about actually making it, giving up...and his speech reminded me- I CANNOT SETTLE! I can't degrade my efforts and dreams for anyone! This is essential- for all people, especially Entrepreneurs! We're Entrepreneurs for goodness sake! It's what we DO! :)

I don't know if anyone will ever read this post, but I have still gained something in writing it. Something to look back on, so I cannot settle. For. Any. Reason. If you have been somehow encouraged by this post, please let me know. We can overcome averagitis together ;)


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