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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Graduation, Summer and upcoming projects!

The (school) year is ending, and that means graduation- of course. It usually doesn't truly effect me that much, but it does this year...I've had SO many good relationships with this year's seniors and it will be EXTREMELY tough to see them go. But when I really think about it, I'm bound to see them again, they'll probably come back in the next year to watch a game, see a play...etc. And I know that I'll be so busy next year that I might not even notice their gone...

To tell you the truth, I think I will only notice the absence of two people. One being my sister (our families exchange student from Brazil), Ana. Even thinking about her leaving makes me teary eyed... The other is someone who seems to make every day survivable, pretty much my motivation to get up out of bed every day is to be encouraged by him. But (Lord willing) I'm convinced that I will see him frequently during the summer, before he leaves to go to K-State. And that we'll keep in close contact throughout the next several years. Honestly, he's one of those guys that seem to good to be true...and I know that God put him in my life for a good reason. But I might save that for another blog :)

Summer brings a bunch of things! Busyness out the wazoo! :) Many, many activities crowd my summer, but I hope to make some quality time to do some experimenting with my jewelry...like mixed media- flowers, resin, feathers, clay (I'm SO EXCITED!)--stay posted to see the new additions!


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