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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My First Home Ashewelry Party. . .

I've heard that home jewelry parties are a great way to get the word out about your business. I've also heard that they are pretty successful financially- which made it a perfect way to raise money for my trip to Uganda this summer.

I decided to have the first (of many- hopefully) @ my house- come and go. So, after getting the word out through FB, Twitter, and mostly word of mouth, many people were excited! So, we cleaned house, set up, I made a basket for a silent auction, made a "Ring Stack Station", and set out the Christmas cookies.

My expectations seemed to exceed the results. I thought there would be several sitting around our table sharing conversation and hot cider, a room full of friends, and (of course) lots of orders. Within the first ten minutes I had two customers show up!! Both of whom made orders- I was so excited! But...these two turned out to be my only customers all night. I spent the next three hours waiting for customers who had RSVP ed...but never showed up! Being optimistic though, the two orders I had that night was better than not having any orders and not having a party!

After seeing a lot of friends and neighbors the following day, I found that a lot had forgotten! BUT from that many made orders with me- by the end of the week, about 6% of my trip is funded :) it's a start!

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